Pentwater Art and Craft Fair

Last weekend I had a booth at the Pentwater Art and Craft Fair here in our village. The weather was sunny and warm. Everyone was out and about to shop or just enjoy the sun. Here are pictures of my booth this year.

I had a mixture on quilts, folding blankets for snuggles or picnics, table toppers, bags, and bike buckets.

The bike buckets had a lot of interest so, I am adding more options to my etsy site this week. I will have three sizes and color options. Please visit my shop at the end of this week for a whole new shop.


Knit slippers

When colder weather hits it's time to pull out the knitting books and make something.

This year a friend recommended a felted slipper pattern. So, off to the knit shop we went. I love going into a well done knitting shop. All the fabulous color and textures. You can get lost just walking through the aisles. We relucantly picked out colors and paid for our treasures. We made a date to have lunch and knit. 

The pattern was a bit tricky and I'm slow because I have a little carpal tunnel but, we happily sipped out tea and chatted while knitting.

The final product before felting, looks like I'm making slippers for Big Foot. After felting they are just the right size.





Baby Quilt and bag

I love making baby quilts. They are happy, bright and generally smaller which makes them abit quicker to create. And because I have a son, when a little girl is born it's fun to play with a different color palate. So, I love this butterfly pattern by: Gail Abeloe.

I started out going through my box of thirties fabrics. 

Then I mixed some of the colors to create different top and bottom wings.


Teacher Appreciation Week

I think teacher's have one of the most important jobs on the planet. They see our kids all day every week for nearly 9 months out of the year. I am, as ever, in awe of the great job they do and I wanted to show my appreciation to my son's second grade teacher in some small way.

This year I decided I would do two gifts: one for the class and one only for her.

The first gift was lunch. So, I made her a new lunch bag, a reusable drink cup and a handmade lunch to go with it. The lunch had a chicken salad wrap, snickerdoodle cookies, banana, low fat nibble and CHOCOLATE. The lunch bag I found at one of my favorite blogs the pink penguin. Here's the link to the tutorial:

The second gift was two of my son's favorite books, Stanley's Party and Raising Dragons. We love both of these books and we are passing on two really great books that were not in thier library. I also made some book plates for future books.

Thank you Teacher's!!!!!!


Camera bag

After getting a "proper" camera last year I couldn't find a camera bag I liked. I searched the internet and looked in camera stores and found that the ones I liked were, either too expensive or too bulky. Then I started looking for patterns and found the same dilemma.  And then I rounded the corner at Houston quilt market and found the Serendipity Studio's booth. They had a great book of patterns for cameras, e-readers and gps equipment.

So, here is my new camera bag. Oh and I had this Kokka camera fabric sitting in my stash just waiting to be made into something.